Our simple affiliate scheme means that site members can earn commission by recommending our courses to others.

We pay affiliates 10% for each person you recommend who then signs up for one of the full Kandu IT Subscription Packages. Further to this you will also earn 10% of any future subscription payments made by that person.

Becoming an Affiliate:

After becoming a site member by trying our free course or taking out a full subscription you will have access to the members area. Click 'Recommend our website to your friends' to activate yourself as an affiliate.

Once you are an active affiliate you then have access to the affiliate info which allows you to generate links and banners as well as view your statistics and track your earnings.

Advertising your link:

Your link can be sent via email to a friend who may be interested, posted via Facebook, Twitter etc. or even added to your website, blog or forum signatures.

Should a user click the link and signup to our site they will be classed as a referral by you. If that person then decides to purchase a subscription you will receive your referral fee.

Please refer to the affiliate terms and conditions for acceptable use.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the eLearning system should the affiliate links be abused or used in any way which conflicts with the terms and conditions