Assessment Appeals Policy

You have the right to appeal the decision of the Examining/Assessment Board if you believe there has been an error in the Board’s decision.  Appeals are only permitted within limited grounds which are specified in the relevant procedure.

You may appeal on one or more of the following grounds:

Category A: The assessment environment:

Defects or irregularities during the assessment (including advice given), without which, the examiners would have come to a different decision.

Extenuating circumstances not previously reported by you.

Category B: Your assessor/assessment supervisor

Evidence of prejudice, bias or inadequate assessment.

Where the supervision provided was inadequate.

Category C: Marking scheme/Learning Outcomes

You feel that your submitted material meets the learning outcomes specified at the time of assessment.

Appeals procedure:

Appeals must be reported within 28 days of receiving your official results.

Step 01: Raise concerns informally with your personal tutor:

We would recommend raising any concerns first with your personal tutor.  The tutor will then review the assessment material and discuss any assessment decisions/grades given in relation to the learning outcomes.

Step 02: Formally outline your concerns in writing:

After speaking with your tutor, should it be decided that your objections be upheld you should next formalise your concerns in writing and sent to:

Assessment Appeals, Kandu Education Limited,The Enterprise Centre, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX

An official response with suggested action will be received within 20 working days.

Potential Appeal Outcomes:

Category A:

If the reason for appeal is found to be valid, re-assessment will be offered with assurances that agreed conditions will be in place.  This may mean an alternate venue is arranged.

Category B:

If sufficient supporting evidence is provided, an alternate assessor will be appointed and further appropriate legal/disciplinary action will be implemented.

Category C:

First a meeting will be arranged at the offices of Kandu Education Limited, with a learning coordinator to discuss the marking scheme and clarify the grading rational.   Should an agreement not be reached then a suitably qualified, mutually agreed external examiner will be appointed to re-mark the assessment material.

Costs will be specified prior to appointment and will be covered by Kandu Education Limited should the appeal be upheld.

Should the original mark found to be correct the costs will be covered by the candidate.