BTEC Diploma in ICT Systems & Principles L3
Advanced Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Troubleshooting, Repair, Communication Technologies & Networking

BTEC Level 3 ICT Specialist Diploma


Qualification: BTEC Diploma in ICT Systems & Principles L3
Awarding Body: Pearson Edexcel
QAN: 501/1435/9
Duration: 240 Hours.


You will be assessed on 4 units of your choice from the following:
Unit 25: Computer Systems
Unit 27: Maintaining Computer Systems
Unit 29: Communication Technologies
Unit 41: Networking Principles
Unit 42: Computer Networks
Unit 45: Networked Systems Security
Supplied resources also cover CompTIA A+ (2019) 220-1001 & 1002 Objectives.


Assessments are conducted remotely. This will be a mix of assignments submitted via the online learning interface and short video clips to document your practical work.

BTEC ICT Specialist Level 3: Contents


PC Assembly & Operating Systems

Learn to build PC’s to custom specifications, install & configure Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems.


Mobile Devices

Over 10 hours of videos focusing specifically on Laptop Repair are included, the important features of smartphones and tablets are also introduced.



Learn to find and fix issues with computer hardware, software and networks.


MS Windows

An in-depth look at the configuration, network and security features of Microsoft Windows



Practical Labs are included which will build a working knowledge of the Linux Operating Systems and its Command Line Interface.


Basic IP Networking

Learn the basics of configuring TCP/IP and creating simple SOHO networks.


Network Architecture

Discover the many different components which are involved in building computer networks, including network devices, cabling and wireless media.


Network Operating Systems

Configure Microsoft Windows and Linux Clients and Servers, setup Active Directory services.


Practical Networking

Manage & Maintain Computer Networks.


Network Security

Identify Vulnerabilities & Threats, learn about Network Hardening, Physical Security, Access Control, Forensics, Firewalls and Encryption.


Network Standards

Understand Networking Theory, Models, Policies and Standards.

CompTIA A+

Supplied resources also cover CompTIA A+ (2019) 220-1001 & 1002 Objectives.

BTEC ICT Specialist Diploma Enrolment

Our unique delivery system blends the flexibility of online learning, whilst ensuring practical skill development.

Payment Plans

Those working on a tight budget can choose a monthly payment plan (no credit checks required) to spread the cost and start learning from just £40.

Flexible Registration

To further reduce the cost of enrolment you can access the course material now and pay your BTEC registration when you are ready to begin the certification process.

Hardware Add-on

As an optional extra our hardware pack can be selected which includes a brand new computer base unit and a basic toolkit for use with your practical work.

Live Labs Add-on

Access to real equipment when you need it. The BTEC Live-Labs are an optional add-on which provide 24/7 access to real Windows 7, 10, Server 2008, 2012 & Linux Systems through your browser.