Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Are there any entry requirements?

There are no official entry requirements. The Level 2 qualification is designed with beginners in mind and Level 3 qualification for those who have built a little more experience.

Over the years we have successfully assisted candidates from just 12 years of age through to 80 years+ in achieving recognised qualifications. All with different levels of prior education.

How much time do I have to complete the course?

BTEC e-Learning: You have the length of your subscription to complete the assessments/Exams and claim the certification. If an extension to this is needed then this can be arranged at a cost of £14 for each month required. If a subscription is allowed to expire and an extension is not arranged beforehand, then full re-enrolment will be required as your registration with the awarding body will be closed. Several automatic reminders will be sent out from the learning system before this occurs.

Other Certifications: Non-BTEC Certifications are supplied with a 12-Month Subscription. Should you wish to renew this subscription after 12-Months you will be given the opportunity to do so at 50% of the full retail price.

Will your courses help me start my own business?

As the courses are practically focused, dozens of our former students have developed the technical skills required to start their own businesses in the areas of PC/Laptop Repairs, Networking, IT Support etc. Recognised qualifications verify your skills and prove to your clients you have the ability to carry out the job at hand.

Even if you have completed the course your tutor will always be happy to offer a second opinion, or generally advise when needed. It is in our interest for you to succeed.

Another provider has insisted that I spend thousands of pounds on a “guaranteed job” scheme, do you offer something similar?

No, if you have been guaranteed a job you should read the terms and conditions very carefully. Some providers will bundle together as many as 11 certifications, charging thousands of pounds in the process. The guaranteed job will only be available should you pass all 11 exams, in a very short space of time, sometimes around 12 months. This can prove very difficult and an expensive mistake.

We provide accredited IT qualifications, recognised by all employers, with straight forward pricing.

Some training providers are more concerned with financial packages than actual training, you should be wary of any provider who will not reveal their prices until a salesman has called. We DO NOT employ sales people and our staff DO NOT work on commission.

What equipment will I need to complete the course/BTEC assessments?

No special equipment is needed. Ideally access to a Desktop PC with a version of MS Windows is preferred, though we are able to adapt all material for use with Laptops, Linux, Apple etc.

The networking tasks have been specially designed to utilise virtual machines so only a single system is required.

For the remote assessments you will need to collect some video evidence. For this a smart phone or basic webcam will be sufficient.

If you are unsure about anything relating to your equipment we will be happy to advise prior to enrolment.

Video submissions are viewed by the assessment team only and are never shared with any third parties, social media etc.

Certification Related Questions

Are you an Approved Provider?

Yes, Kandu Education Limited are Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre number 44606. We received our Approval in 2002.

Any training provider offering BTEC qualifications must be approved to do so and is subject to regular external standards verification in which training methods, candidate support, assessment methods, policies and staff competence is confirmed. We have received consistent excellent feedback from our External Standards Verifications, details of which can be found in our News section

We are also a registered LVP supplier for the DWP and included as a registered training provider by the Sector Skills Council.

Will a potential employer recognise this qualification?

Yes, BTEC qualifications are recognised by all employers. In fact the syllabus of the qualifications are created via the consultation of leading employers within the sector.

Will these qualifications get me into University?

This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends on the Level you reach, your prior qualifications, your age and the University in question.

All BTEC qualifications we offer are QCF accredited so recognised by all Higher Education institutions, but if University entry is your sole purpose for taking the course then it is highly recommended that you contact us first to discuss your individual needs.