Qualifications to start a PC Repair Business

Qualifications to Start a PC/Laptop Repair Business

Many of our learners enrol with a view to starting their own PC/Laptop repair business.

Running a business isn’t for everyone and certainly isn’t always easy, however offering IT support services in your local area can be a profitable venture which also requires minimal outlay.

Technically there are no qualifications needed to start a PC/Laptop repair business and many people start-up by simply using skills they have developed over the years by helping friends/family solve problems with their home computers, turning a hobby into a rewarding career.

However, formal training and certification can be of benefit for a number of reasons.

Proving your Credibility

It is of vital importance that your clients have faith that you will be able to provide the service you are advertising. When you are just starting out it is unlikely that you will have the online reviews and references that can give a potential client some peace of mind.

Having a 3rd party verify your skills can solve this problem and by having a qualification which is recognised throughout almost all industries, such as a BTEC can do this.

Remember that your clients are very unlikely to be aware of certain IT industry vendor certifications, so something as well-known as a BTEC is a good starting point.

Gaining an Edge on your Competition

Depending on your location, the level of local competition you will face will vary. However advertising the word ‘Qualified’ in your promotional material will be sure to give you the edge over a competitor who is unable to do this.

Your Hourly Rate

Taking the time to get qualified can give you justification for charging a little more than a competitor who has not done this, often a client will be happy to pay more for the peace of mind they will get from knowing they have hired a qualified engineer/technician.

Which Qualification to Choose?

Our BTEC Level 2 IT Support qualification is probably the most popular with learners wanting to start their own business as it can be obtained in the shortest period of time (Just 120 learning hours) and it enables you to advertise as being qualified.

The BTEC Level 2 verifies the skills you have in Computer Hardware, Operating Systems and IT Fault-Diagnosis and Remedy.

If you intend to target business customers then it is common that a further Level 3 qualification be added after this, such as the Level 3 BTEC Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles.

This goes beyond the Level 2 and certifies skills which relate to supplying IT services to businesses. For example it is important when working for a business that you are able to work within organisational policies and be aware of factors which can effect computer maintenance and support within the workplace.

The Diploma can also accredit skills in Computer Networking and Network Security, all of which are vital when supplying IT services to business.

Our Free Computer Hardware & Operating System Intro Course acts as a good introduction to our learning interface and courses.

If you are successful in securing a business client then you may wish to seek vendor certification in any products they use frequently.

For example, if an organisation you are supplying services to uses Microsoft Sharepoint heavily you may wish to add a certification for this to your CV to further increase your value to your client.